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A mystical sword and one girl’s quest to discover her true purpose, that’s what you’ll find in Swordtales and Versus Evil’s upcoming action/adventure game, Toren, which is heading to PlayStatoin 4 and PC next week.

Versus Evil Community Director Lance James recently dropped by the PlayStation Blog to dish details for its upcoming game. Toren was originally shown off in a brief trailer last year but, since then, details have been very scarce. It turns out that’s because Swordtales has been keeping its head down, cranking away on development to get Toren ready for launch.

The fruits of that effort are about to come to bear, with Toren finally set to release on both the PS4 and PC next week. Based on the latest trailer, though, it looks like the game has come a long, long way in the past year.

In Toren, you take on the role of Moonchild, who must climb a mysterious tower in order to discover their destiny. Vague, I know, but that’s actually by design. You begin the game as an infant, barely able to walk and given little guidance in this haunting and dangerous world. You grow older and stronger as the story progresses, learning to fight, climb and solve puzzles along the way. According to Lance James, this sense of discovery and growth is an important theme that beats at the heart of Toren.

James goes on to explain that Toren wears its inspirations proudly on its sleeve, including the legendary PlayStation 2 adventure game, Ico.

“Like that game, Toren features a beautiful, silent world to explore, lacking an obvious narrator,” James explained. “The Swordtales team felt that this style of narrative and explanation fit our vision of what we wanted the game to be, while also infusing the game with a uniquely colorful look and feel that draws on the traditional artwork and mythology of Brazil.”

I’m just throwing out my own two cents here, but Toren also appears to have a lot in common with the games Journey and Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, both of which have a strong focus on the idea of growth and the importance of the quest over the destination. Both of those games also happen to be amazing indie titles that creep into the background of my thoughts on a regular basis so, if Toren is anywhere in that same territory, gamers could be in for a real treat.

James mentions in the comments for the Blog article that Toren will only set you back 10 bucks and, according to the original post, PlayStation Plus members can expect a first week’s savings of 10 percent.
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