A couple of new free apps are about to be unleashed on the PlayStation Vita, giving gamers new ways to connect with their besties via Toro’s Friend Network and paint a masterpiece with their finger with Paint Park Plus. Both new apps are headed to the PlayStation Network Tuesday afternoon.

According to a recent post on the PlayStaiton Blog from Product Planning and Platform Software Innovation Director at SCEA, Don Mesa, the PlayStation Vita is about to get a whole lot more friendly and creative thanks to the impending addition of two new apps.

Toro’s Friend Network, which can be previewed in the video above, allows players to make new friends, connect with their existing ones and play a bunch of mini-games in the meantime. Along with connecting with your PSN friends, the app can connect with your Twitter and Facebook accounts, making it easier to hook up with your buds. Along with being all buddy-buddy with a bunch of avatars, you can head into the Friend Dungeon to fight baddies and collect loot, goof off in your communal area, expand your town and buy loads of extra items with in-game points or real world money.

The second free app being added to PSN tomorrow is Paint Park Plus. An updated version of the original Paint Park, the “Plus” is for enhanced functionality including more colors, pens, brushes, new templates, tools and the ability to share your latest work directly to Twitter. There’s also a bunch of stickers and coloring unlocks to discover, including themes based on games like Uncharted and Gravity Rush.

Look for both Toro’s Friend Network and Paint Park Plus once the PSN weekly update goes live Tuesday afternoon.

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