Ubisoft is an oddly run company. One minute many of their lead devs and head-honchos are throwing spitfires and flames at the PC community for piracy, the next minute they're releasing promotional videos celebrating the creativity and originality of that very same community.

The new TrackMania 2 trailer is part of Ubisoft's new ManiaPlanet promotional campaign to help get newer, similar projects off the ground that offers up the same kind of creativity across a broad range of genres including their upcoming ShootMania platform. The trailer itself is pretty spiffy and that shopping cart keeping up with the super cars is a real highlight.

You can head on over to the Official TrackMania Website to learn more about the game and how you can start enjoying some custom made cars, tracks and scenarios or how you can start contributing to the massive online community that has managed to carve itself out a nice little niche in the world of PC gaming.

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