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New Trailer For Mighty No. 9 Takes A Look At In-Game Abilities

Deep Silver released a new promotional trailer for Mighty No. 9 featuring Beck and his ability to dash through bad guys, dodge obstacles, absorb powers and wreck havoc along the way. The trailer, however, isn't being received very well due to its presentation.

Siliconera picked up on the trailer, called "Masterclass", after Deep Silver let it loose to the public, confirming that the game is due for release on June 21st, next month for the Wii U, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3 and PC.

There are three different dash moves, each one allowing players to move through the levels at different speeds or distances, and will play a part in some of the more skill-oriented levels. No matter what anyone thinks of Mighty No. 9 the levels definitely seem intelligently designed to take advantage of the speedrunner culture, and even in glimpses it's still on display in the trailer above.

The absorption ability is also on display, where it ties into Beck's dashing abilities. In order to defeat enemies you'll need to first wear them down with projectile fire until they start flashing. Once the flashing begins you'll need to use the boost to absorb the enemies to wipe them out and add to your score. It's another feature that could easily help cultivate the speedrunning culture around Mighty No. 9... assuming that culture can find some growth in the property.

The trailer above was not well received at all. A lot of people thought it presented the game in an obnoxious way and did little to inspire confidence in purchasing it. The dislike meter for the Mighty No. 9 trailer shows that it has 12 thousand dislikes and only 1.6 thousands likes, as of the writing of this article. That's after accruing more than 344,000 views.

The jab at the anime fans in the trailer also didn't go over too well with some companies in Japan. According to Hardcore Gamer, CEO of Inti Creates, Takuya Aizu, was not at all pleased with what he viewed as a poor representation of Mighty No. 9, stating the following on Twitter.

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The blocked out letters are “Deep Silver”, for those of you wondering.

Play-Asia also took an opportunity to take digs at the Mighty No. 9 trailer, joking about waifus (fictional anime wives) at prom night, since the trailer joked that anime fans wouldn't have dates for the prom.

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After being delayed multiple times and encountering some serious problems with the multiplayer mode, Mighty No. 9 is facing a tough uphill battle as it preps for release at the end of June and this latest trailer hasn't done much to help its cause.

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