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Earlier this week Ubisoft revealed that they had acquired RedLynx, the Finnish developer of Trials HD. RedLynx co-founder and creative director Antti Ilvessuo said in a new interview that Ubisoft wasn't the only publisher interested in buying them.

"For us, it has never been a question of being independent or non-independent. Even though we were independent, we always looked for the right kind of partnerships," Ilvessuo told Edge. "Having had good success in some of the industry's growth areas, and being able to prove that we can keep on developing great games, it is natural that different publishers have been interested in working with us. But there is no need to think about that anymore. We are really excited to be part of Ubisoft, and now more than ever we are fully focused on the most important thing: developing great games." Why did RedLynx pick Ubisoft out of all their suitors? Well, it seems that the publisher's size and its hands-off approach were both factors.

"Our day-to-day work and tasks should be pretty much the same,"he said, "but we expect to be able to focus even more on just creating and developing great games. Ubisoft has 25 different studios in its family, so that's a lot of people we can reach out to and get additional services and support, and share information, technology, and best practices with."

RedLynx became a hot commodity after the release of Trials HD on 2009. The Xbox Live Arcade exclusive sold over two million copies. With that kind of success, a sequel was inevitable and it's no surprise big publishers wanted to attach themselves to that project. Trials Evolution is being prepared for an unknown release date.