Some real-life Grand Theft Auto has happened, except it wasn't for or about GTA but rather Activision's annual first-person shooter series, Call of Duty. Reports have emerged saying two masked men crashed into a truck, popped some tear gas and hijacked the truck, which was carrying 6,000 copies of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. If I didn’t know any better that sounds like an early scrub mission right out of a Rockstar game.

According to CVG, French site TFI News and Ultimate PS3 are reporting that a delivery truck in Créteill, south Paris was driving down the road, minding its own business when a car rammed into the truck and two men hopped out, tossed tear gas at the truck drivers, forcing them out, and then proceeded to hijack the truck and speed off with the cargo. The cargo? As mentioned, 6,000 copies of Modern Warfare 3 worth more than 400,000 euros or just over $550,000 U.S. dollars. I don’t know about anyone else but this story reeks of Russian mafia.

This theft of the most anticipated game of the year follows closely on another thievery attempt not too long ago where a worker at the manufacturing plant made off with a disc of Modern Warfare 3 and proceeded to share the contents online.

Activision is supposedly dropping ban-hammers and having police stop by the homes of suspected thieves to retrieve stolen or pirated copies of the game. Yeah they're treating this pirate campaign like a pimp getting money from his ho...and you know what they say about pimps: you don't mess with their money, sucker.

If you’re sane enough to wait just one more day you can pick up Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 for multiple platforms tomorrow, November 8th.

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