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It's not often that we get medieval zombie shooters, but French indie developers Press Start Studios has delivered an original side-scrolling action game for Xbox 360 owners. Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard is an anime-style, hack-and-slash, zombie shooter game that looks like it's more than just another XBLIG title.

According to the press release…
Players incarnate the cute scythe-waving nun with a mission to clear the city of all its undead inhabitants. To do so they will have to constantly juggle between the slashing ability of the nun and her arsenal of ranged weapons while dodging enemy zombies, rendering a unique and palpitating gameplay.

Scythe-wielding nun, eh? Well, that’s original. In addition to being a hack and slash shooter, Twin Blades will also come with additional content to extend the gameplay experience…free DLC, to be exact. Philippe Rapin, producer at Press Start Studio, commented saying…
What typically happens in the industry -especially in the digital market where prices fluctuate almost on a daily basis- is that publishers regularly slash prices to manipulate the download charts and then raise it again. We're in the industry too, but we're players before anything else and we hate it when we're blatantly being milked. When someone buys Twin Blades he also buys both insurances that we won't cut its price the day after, and that we'll put his money to good use to develop more content that will come for free: it’s a win-win situation, a sort of investment in gaming.

Right on, Philippe…at least there’s no sugar coating of corporate BS to later screw over the consumer. This rings especially true with EA and their microtransactions to unlock content already on the freaking disc!

Anyway, you can check out a full list of the game’s features below or grab a digital copy for only 240 MS Points. For more information be sure to visit the Official Website.

The game features:
- 6 range weapons ranging from machinegun to explosive nukes
- Upgradable skills which can be bought and trained
- 7 different kind of zombies, mind the grabbers!
- 5 cool musics and exclusive sound effects which will immerse you into the epic slaughter
- A local Challenges & High-Scores system which keeps track of players' progress

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