Ubisoft Games Selling Twice As Much On PS4 Compared To Xbox One

In Ubisoft's recent quarterly report, it was made known that The PlayStation 4 is outselling the Xbox One on the software front by a fairly large margin. In fact, Ubisoft's games are selling more on the PS4 than on the Xbox One by nearly two-fold.

Videogamer.com pulled the numbers from Ubisoft's investor report, where it was revealed that in the previous quarter that 36% of Ubisoft's software sales were on the PS4, standing head and shoulders above the competition. The Xbox One made up for only 17% of the software sales, being equivalent to PS3 and Xbox 360.

You can check out the breakdown below.

Basically, what this shows is that despite the massive install base for the Xbox 360 and PS3, the systems don't move nearly as much content as the new-gen systems.

In a way, install base only means as much as there is active engagement with the console and the software. Having 80 million plus with the 360 and PS3 shows less software moving for Ubisoft than the PS4, which only has a miniscule fraction of the numbers the PS3 and Xbox 360 have. This basically goes to show that many of the hardcore gaming base already moved over to the new-gen consoles... specifically, the PlayStation 4.

Videogamer makes it known that a lot of those numbers from the previous quarter have to do with the launch of Watch Dogs, where they write...

“The difference is almost certainly down to the launch of Watch Dogs, which sold almost 50 per cent of its copies on PS4 during its opening week and was heavily supported by Sony.”

This is very true, as Sony and Ubisoft did have quite a few pre-order deals for the PS3 and PS4.

Additionally, the PS4 has sold through – according to some sources – more than 8.1 million SKUs and that Sony has already shipped to retailers 9 million SKUs. Microsoft, alternatively, has only purportedly shifted close to 4.8 million units to customers and they have shipped 5 million SKUs to retailers.

Sony has approximately come close to doubling Microsoft in unit sales and that gap could spread further with the release of Destiny in September.

For now, Microsoft still has a massive uphill struggle ahead of them, and the price-drop to $399 with a Kinect-less Xbox One SKU might help keep them from languishing behind too badly. They still have a ways to go before they even catch up to Nintendo, who is still in second place at the moment.

As for Ubisoft... it's doubtful that they will pull support for the Xbox One, even though it's barely keeping pace in sales with the Xbox 360 and PS3. The company has, however, pulled support for the Wii U after delaying exclusives and postponing the release of multi-platform titles that helped contribute to stalled sales of the console.

It will be more interesting to see how well the sales comparisons break down when Assassin's Creed Unity and Far Cry 4 launch for the respective consoles.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.