Urban Trial Freestyle Racing is headed to the PS3 and PS Vita, bringing over-the-top dirt bike stunt racing to PlayStation fans in a few months.

Slated for a release date of “Q3 2013,” Urban Trial Freestyle Racing drops players on a dirt bike in the middle of dynamically changing urban environments and tasks them with wracking up the most points by performing stunt after stunt. Urban Trial is a 2D racing game and, yes, it looks an awful lot like Trials HD for the Xbox 360.

While Tate Interactive GM Wojtek Bilinski admits that there are other trial racing games out there, he said over on the PlayStation Blog that he and his team have done their best to add a level of depth the genre has never seen before.

Urban Trial features 20 tracks in total with five kinds of stunts to pull off on each, all across two play modes (Arcade and Stunt Mode). Players can chase high scores across about 100 different leaderboards, as well as download ghosts from their top performing friends or the top performers in the world in order to try and one-up them. Each level also comes packed with dynamic events either going on in the background or affecting the track itself.

Whether or not Urban Trail will offer the unique racing experience promised by the team at Tate Interactive remains to be seen, but at least the game looks like a blast in the above video. Pricing and a release date remain a mystery, but we do at least know that we can expect Urban Trial Freestyle Racing “in a few months” on PlayStation Network and the PlayStation Vita.

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