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Ubisoft has released a CGI trailer for Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6: The Patriots tonight. The trailer is a brief yet effective introduction to the "True Patriots," the home-grown terrorist group who serves as the main antagonist for the game.

The Patriots believe that the United States has been hijacked by greedy politicians and corporate interests. They've embarked on a crusade to take back the country. In this trailer, they charge into a New York bank, strap dynamite to the chest of an executive, and toss him out the window. "How's that for a bailout," etc.

While I imagine many people would like to be the one tossing the bank exec out the window, you won't actually be playing a Patriot. Instead, you're a member of Rainbow Six, the counter-terrorist group made up of some of the world's finest soldiers. You'll command a squad of operatives and attempt to stop the Patriots' attacks.

Patriots is due sometime in 2013.