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It’s a week of space-age dudes shooting other dudes in this week’s PlayStaiton Plus update as Vanquish and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X get added to the Instant Game Collection.

While Platinum Games’ Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance prepares to slice up retail tomorrow, one of their earlier offerings from this current generation is the similarly over-the-top third-person shooter, Vanquish. What I consider to be one of the most sorely overlooked games of the past decade, Vanquish tasks players with taking on a group of cybernetically enhanced terrorists and robots while sliding around the screen at breakneck speeds and using a gun that transforms into various modes to better fit your play style. If you’ve ever wanted to play an action-heavy anime, complete with feats of superhuman awesomeness, then Vanquish is for you. And, starting tomorrow, it will be added to the PS Plus Instant Game Collection as a free download.

For those gaming on the go, a new PSP game (Vita compatible) will also be added to the gratis collection. It’s called Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and, according to the PlayStation Blog, it is “classic Mega Man turned up to 11.”

Plus subscribers will also be getting a Dust 514 Starter Pack free of charge, offering nine bucks worth of gear and in-game funds to help you get your career in this MMO FPS shoot-a-thon started.

Finally, there’s also a discount on Urban Trial Freestyle thrown in for good measure. Both the PS3 and Vita versions of the game are being marked down by 20 percent, now going for $11.99 on the home console and $7.99 on the portable.

Look for these games and discounts to go live alongside the regularly scheduled PSN update tomorrow afternoon.