It looks like A Virus Named Tom is still contagious. The devious little puzzler is making the jump from PC to PlayStation Mobile bringing some new features and levels along for the ride.

The folks over at Joystiq were perusing the Misfits Attic website when they came across a rather clever post announcing the impending spread of A Virus Named Tom to a new platform. You see, the game came out this past summer on PC and, 28 weeks later (Get it!), the developers are now ready to announce a PlayStation Mobile version of their game.

This is a classic example of gameplay that's a bit too tricky for words, so here's a look at the launch trailer to do all of the explaining for me.

A Virus Named Tom is scheduled to hit PlayStation Mobile sometime this summer.

“The PSM version will have some new levels and features in store for you,” reads the post. “We haven't completely figured everything out yet, but we're excited about adding tough controls for tablets and phone, and even some multiplayer possibilities.”

Misfits Attic aims to have a version up and running in time for PAX East and GDC, or you could just check out the game on you PC for the time being. To celebrate the upcoming PlayStation Mobiel launch, A Virus Named Tom has been marked down by 50 percent ($4.99) on both Steam and the official website through Feb. 21.

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