Season 2 of Telltale's The Walking Dead will continue soon. Last night Telltale sent out an image promising that they're about to reveal more information on Episode 2.

The Walking Dead: Season Two picks up months after the end of the first season. Clementine, the young girl mentored by Lee in S1, is now out on her own. The players control her as she navigates the various dangers of the zombie apocalypse. Her decisions will have important ramifications for her and the other survivors that she encounters.

Episode 1 was maybe the most gruesome chapter of the game yet. I won't spoil anything but rest assured, shit goes down. Telltale made it clear that they're not going to go easy on their young hero.

While it's an emotional episode, it almost felt like overkill. I was also miffed that our decisions from 400 Days and Season 1 didn't make much of an impact. Still, that was just one of five episodes planned for the season so I can't cast final judgment yet. I'll be looking forward to Episode 2 with great interest.

At the start of Episode 2, Clem is living with a new group of survivors. It seems like a safe, well-supplied place. Still, as any Walking Dead fan knows, there's no such thing as "safe" in this world. I'm sure the group will be fighting for their lives in no time.

Telltale hasn't announced a release date for Episode 2 yet. It's safe to assume we'll have to wait at least a few weeks, though. Telltale plans to release the second episode of their other series, The Wolf Among Us, on February 4th and 5th. I doubt the company will risk cannibalizing the sales of Wolf by releasing a similar game with more name recognition right after it.

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