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Let loose the hounds of war and…um…fly some cool planes and stuff as you battle for superiority in War Thunder, finally set to release the PlayStation 4 in North America next week.

Just in time to tide war-hungry gamers over until E3, War Thunder is finally making its way to Sony’s latest home console next Tuesday, June 3, here in the States. Originally slated as a PlayStation 4 launch title, and actually accomplishing that goal in Europe, War Thunder has remained off the radar in the United States for the past six or so months.

Developer Gaijin Entertainment has announced that that’s all about to change, bringing the World War II era combat game to the territory just one week before its big E3 press conference.

I’ve gotten in the habit of referring to War Thunder as an “aerial combat” game over the past year, as the title originally only consisted of controllable planes. The latest update to the PC version of the game added tanks and, in the future, naval content is also planned.

For those of you feeling a bit burned by the extra long wait to get your hands on the console version of War Thunder, fear not, because you’ll also be able to enjoy those rolling death machines as soon as the game arrives next week.

“Our idea was to present PS4 players in North America with the latest version of the game, and today we’re proud to announce that War Thunder is coming out on June 3 and it includes the Ground Forces expansion from the start,” reads a statement from Gaijin Head of PR, Alexander Trifonov. “And, of course, all of the other exciting features found in the latest 1.41 version of the game—350 different planes, squadron battles, 150 different multiplayer missions and single player campaigns and scenarios.”

Okay, so, maybe it’ll all be worth the wait. That’s a heck of a lot of free-to-play content to snag and, according to the buzz around the internet and what I’ve been watching on Twitch, the game looks to deliver a pretty awesome combat experience. Plus, North American gamers will be able to dive directly into the tank content, too, so they’ll be up to speed with the PC version of the game from the onset.

“The most important part is that War Thunder is an online game and it evolves constantly,” Trifonov said. “There were several major updates for the PC version of the game since November, including the launch of the Ground Forces expansion pack. This addition allows players to control armored vehicles such as tans and anti-air guns, which are fighting planes in some of the game modes. This simulates the realities of war, where different army branches always supplemented each other in battle.”

So, there you have it. Look to supplement your buddies in battle next Tuesday.
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