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The free-to-play space-ninja game that took the gaming arena by storm last year on PC will be making its way to the PlayStation 4 next week on Friday. It will be one of the launch titles for the system and will still be completely free-to-play (you don't even need PS Plus to download and start playing). To help promote the game, Digital Extremes released a new story trailer called “The Prophet” for the PS4 version of the title.

Warframe is a sexy beast of a game. I haven't had time to play it anymore but it combined a lot of the thrill of typical Unreal Engine-powered third-person shooters with technical melee combat and skill-based cooperative gameplay. Despite the fact that the game's formula sounds familiar, the execution of the concept is just about priceless. The animations, movements and combos that players can execute thanks to the upgrades and skill cards adds multiple layers to the game where players can create unique class builds entirely centered around an original play style.

If you want to build a tank ninja that can absorb a ton of damage and disperse enemies with fire-based weapons, you can. If you want to build a speedster that can move around the stages fast, hop off walls at the blink of an eye or dispatch foes before they even have time to react, you can. If you want a tactical power-focused ninja that can freeze enemies, working as a crowd-controller, it's completely possible. Maybe you just want a hybrid who dual-wields pistols or throws ninja stars or wields a staff and cuts enemies in half (literally) with a single swipe; you can build it if you can gather the parts.

The game doesn't put restrictions on the way gamers play the game and it's one of the things that helps separate Warframe from the competition. In addition to this, the game has procedurally generated levels, so no two levels are identical. The level randomization is also done extremely well, giving gamers a feeling as if there is some sense of diversity and a small sense of discovery to the game.

The highlight of Warframe coming to the PlayStation 4 is that it's not just another free-to-play cash-in job, but a really intense cooperative experience. Digital Extremes has also gone the extra length of implementing cross-platform co-op play so PC gamers and PS4 gamers can put their platform rivalry aside and team up together to take back the galaxy from the forces of evil.

The game has been receiving tons of new content on a regular basis, so if you're the kind of gamer worried about whether or not it offers enough content to be a worthy time-filler as you either restock your finances or wait for games like Watch Dogs or inFamous: Second Son to drop, Warframe definitely succeeds at being content-rich and will keep you busy for quite some time.

Warframe will launch with the PS4 next week. You can count down the days as the time draws near and your moment of greatness awaits.

You can learn more about Warframe by paying a visit to the official website.

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