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After six months in open beta and primed to serve as one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 4, Warframe is celebrating its first half year on the market with a brand new update, offering new playable characters, missions and more.

As we announced earlier this month, online third-person battle game, Warframe will be on the roster of day-one free-to-play MMOs launching on the PlayStation 4, giving players the chance to dive into a strategic action game the moment they boot up their console at no additional charge.

Gaming Blend's own William Usher is already a big fan of the game, calling Digital Extremes' online battler “amazing” and “mega-badass.” Usher stated that the story is nothing special, but the action is fun, fast and intense.

So, now that Warframe has been out for PC for six months and its console debut is just a couple of months away, the developers thought it was high time they unleash some brand new content upon their legions of loyal fans.

Update 10: Shadows of the Dead, is available now, offers up brand new Warframes (playable characters) to control, new environments, weapons, modes, etc.

For starters, players will have two new Warframes to pick from, including Nekros and Mag Prime. Nekros is the game's first necromancer and “uses his dark powers to manipulate his enemies, both living and dead.” Mag Prime, on the other hand, is an “elite” character, ranking as an Excalibur Prime and Frost Prime. You'll have to forgive me for not knowing what the heck that actually means, but it sure does sound epic, right?

Following a successful weekend test run a little while back, a Survival game mode has now been added to the game, tasking players with raiding oxygen caches in order to distract their enemies. More ways to play are always a welcome addition, so it's nice to see Survival getting dropped into the playlist.

Another big addition for fans of duels are The Conclaves, which mean that everyone can take part in 1v1 or 2v2 battles without the need of being enlisted in a clan.

Other additions in the Shadows of the Dead update include a new Sentinel for players to use, a new boss to wage war against, an expanded map for the Grineer Settlement, a handful of new weapons and 18 new mod cards to help give your fighter that personal touch.

For those interested in playing Warframe, you can get in on the action right now by visiting the game's official website. Otherwise, I'm sure the following breakdown of Update 10 from the actual development team will do a far better job of getting you pumped for the new content than I could ever manage.

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