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Conan O’Brien has rolled out his latest “Clueless Gamer” video, this time taking on upcoming Doom with the help of a couple gentlemen who will be going toe-to-toe in the Super Bowl this coming Sunday. As you can probably guess, the results are pretty entertaining.

For this latest treka into the realm of the Clueless Gamer, Coco is joined by none other than Von Miller from the Denver Broncos, as well as Josh Norman from the Carolina Panthers. While those guys will be playing a completely different game this coming Sunday in front of a massive audience, they put their gridiron differences aside for a little while in order to help O’Brien find his way around Doom. Even with the that much help, though, O’Brien had some trouble fragging demons in upcoming shooter, Doom.

Before "let’s play" videos were so popular (or before Sony tried to trademark such a term), gamers used to have to gather around the same television in order to watch each other play games. Seeing someone succeed by, say, pulling off a flawless run through Mario Bros. is great and all, but watching someone flail around helplessly is often far more entertaining.

And there are few people more entertaining to watch fail at gaming than Conan O’Brien. From Fallout 4 to The Witcher 3, Smash Bros. and GTA V, O’Brien is turning into quite the versed gamer, experiencing titles from a wide variety of genres. However, having only recently picking up the hobby and clearly having something of a lack of interest (but in a good way), his experiences haven’t crafted him into a 1337 pwnz0rz.

Which is exactly why it’s so much fun to see him tackle games like Doom with professional football players. Rather than have them run through the obvious pick of Madden, these gents instead travel to hell and back again in order to bring us some laugh-out-loud moments.

To their credit, Norman and Miller hold their own while delivering a beatdown on the game’s collection of gory monsters. Heck, even Conan seems to be getting a bit better at shooters. He doesn’t seem to hit a lot of the things we think he’s aiming at, but he certainly seems to be enjoying the over-the-top violence. There’s even a disgusting trophy handed out to the player who survives Doom the longest, but we’ll let you find out who that is for yourself.

So, what should Coco play next for Clueless Gamer? My vote is Dark Souls III, just to watch him go into an absolute rage.