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Watch Dogs Creator Responds To Poor Feedback Of Xbox 360, PS3 Trailer

Quite naturally, when you showcase a game for next generation hardware running the way its supposed to and then you showcase a game for current gen hardware running the way its supposed to, there will be a huge generational gap between the quality of the game. Well, Watch Dogs' creative director decided to run to the defense of his game on Twitter after the current-gen trailer went live.

Putting all of this into context: Ubisoft recently released a new trailer for Watch Dogs called “The Aisha Tyler Trailer”, and it features Hollywood personality Aisha Tyler being tracked by the game's protagonist Aiden Pearce. While the premise was goofy and it was obviously set to be comical (i.e., Tyler was worth $4 billion in the trailer) the presentation didn't quite look the same as it always did.

The reason the game came across so poorly was because it was for current-gen systems and, of course, it wasn't going to have all the fanciful high-end lighting, animations and dynamic post-processing like the next-gen systems. However, creative director Jonathan Morin ran to Twitter to defend the game, with PlayStation Lifestyle having caught the tweets before they were deleted...

“I see the game every day and I can tell you, this trailer is far from it.” … “Current gen is better than that.”“You know sometimes 100s of people working together causes communications issues lets just say that ;) .”“Its simply someone who don’t know the tech who check the wrong stuff.”

Really, Morin? Really?

So by mistake someone on the team compiled a minute's worth of footage from in-engine assets on the low-to-mid settings and sent it to the marketing team to publish? Really? Oh, that's "lol" worthy right there.

While it would be nice to believe that current-gen is “better than that” trailer, it's hard to believe that old tech will somehow be able to match up with new tech. Isn't that the whole reason why new games on new consoles look better than new games on old consoles? Should we not forget the leap from Just Cause on the Xbox to Just Cause on the Xbox 360?

Nevertheless, Morin deleting the tweets feels like damage control for damage control. If you'll check out his Twitter account all the tweets he posted in regards to the trailer are now gone.

I think it would be in Ubisoft's best interest to just let it ride out. Trying to convince 360/PS3 owners that their near decade old hardware will be able to run a game just as well as new generation consoles and high-end PCs will only end badly.

Also, don't think Watch Dogs will be the only culprit of looking terrible on current-gen consoles compared to the new-gen iterations. Any game made for the high-end machines and downscaled and optimized for the 360/PS3 is going to look terrible by comparison because that's just how technology works. It was the same way going from the PSX to the PS2 and from the PS2 to the PS3.

For those of you who already have the next-gen version of the game pre-ordered, rest assured that you're safe. If you pre-ordered Watch Dogs for the PS3 or Xbox 360... well, I mean, there are worse looking games on the market... like Shellshock 2.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.