Watch_Dogs is set to be one of the first games to launch on next gen consoles and, to that end, a couple of the developer's producers got together to do a dev diary talking about the process of building a game for the PlayStation 4.

In Watch_Dogs, the player will be able to interact with the world around them in new and interesting ways. Using their in-game cell phone, the player can hack computers, ATM machines, other characters' cell phones, and just about any other piece of machinery you can imagine. The game takes place in a big city populated by thousands of people living out their day to day lives. In other words, a lot is going on.

According to Watch_Dogs Senior Producer Dominic Guay and Creative Director Jonathan Morin, however, the PlayStation 4 has made keeping up with all of that activity and information a reality.

“[We can provide] more details, more immersion, increase connectivity and increase the density,” Guay said during the developer diary recently posted on the PlayStation Blog. “It's the same game experience, but magnified on the PlayStation 4.”

The developers give a bit more insight into what players can expect out of Watch_Dogs, including the ability to interact with the game from your own cell phone when you're away from the console, as well as the inclusion of seamless multiplayer. Guay said the team wanted to “breach the wall between multiplayer and single player,” adding that they want the player to be surprised when they come across another player in the game.

Now if only the holiday season would hurry up and get here, we could all take a break from constantly playing on our cell phones in the real world in order to constantly play on our cell phones in a virtual world. The future!

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