Though Watch Dogs has some futuristic elements, Ubisoft wants to make sure that the game feels like it's set in the real world. One way they accomplish this realism is through motion-capturing.

Ubisoft used motion-capping for all of Aiden Pearce's movement, from running down the street to climbing over obstacles. They even recorded him walking around with his hands in his pockets - that's apparently something that hasn't been done before. The future of gaming is found in our pockets.

Aiden's combat moves were also filmed by real actors. Ubisoft didn't want his melee combat to look showy. He's no master martial artist. Instead, he has a very brutal, "street" fighting style. He dispatches enemies using simple melee moves or his combat baton.

Watch Dogs is in development for next-gen and current-gen consoles. If you opt for the Xbox One or PS4 edition, the game will look even more life-like thanks to the consoles' higher graphics potential. Ubisoft says that the basic game will be the same no matter what platform you choose, though.

Ubisoft will release Watch Dogs in November. You can earn pre-order to earn bonus DLC.

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