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So a guy managed to beat all of Punch-Out! on the NES through a Wii emulator, all in one sitting... blindfolded! If that sounds insane, if you don't think it's possible, if it seems too far fetched, if it's one of those things you have to see to believe... well, you're in luck because you can see it to believe it. Check it out below.

YouTuber Jack Wedge does a fantastic job of blasting through the competition and putting a smack down on the computer opponents... with a Wii-mote no less!

It takes him just over half-an-hour to beat the game and come out the victor. It's funny because at the start of it he looks like a mix between Alan Ruck and Joseph Gordon Levitt. By the end of the fight, disheveled and exasperated, Jack Wedge takes on a sort of post-Miami Vice Colin Farrell look. Tyson was just that hard.

The way Wedge takes down each opponent and gloats throughout the campaign helps build up the tension and expectations of the final showdown with Tyson.

There's a kind of underdog appeal to the fight given that we know that Wedge could beat Tyson in a fair fight without the blindfold but it's with the blindfold on that adds to the drama. It's something that can't be done in a game like Fight Night Champion or EA Sports UFC because those game rely on the visual cues to bring them to life. What Wedge does falls a lot to the timing restrictions and mechanics of the character patterns of the NES' hardware, as well as the sound cues from the character's signature combos, moves and special attacks. It's an actual battle of wits against the A.I., opponents based on mechanical structure of the game and not the organic, visual reactions most of us are used to in today's generation of games.

In fact, Jack's victory over opponents and the methods he used to do so became the subject of controversy in the comment section of YouTube. A lot of viewers question the legitimacy of Wedge's ability and whether or not someone, blindfolded, could actually pull off what he did.

Others felt as if the lack of having the controller present more in the video detracts from the authenticity of the video. A few even argue that Wedge was using a mirror to see the screen to fight more accurately. More naysayers claimed that someone was playing for him and he was just there as a presentation to make it look like he accomplished this amazing feat.

Nevertheless, Wedge addresses the concerns in the YouTube description, writing...
“...a lot of folks seem to think I faked this in some capacity and it honestly kind of bugs me. I also tried to take into account some complaints Ive seen about not having the controller in the shot much and not wearing a traditional blindfold.”

It is true that it's not a traditional blindfold, but it doesn't stop it from being any less challenging. That's not to mention that it was actually kind of thrilling watching him take down each foe with near expert precision.

Wedge offers up a bit of self-congratulation at the end of it, saying...
“I'm on the high of my life right now... and... yeah. Thanks for watching guys! Sweet.”

Maybe he'll try his hand at Mortal Kombat next? Or maybe Street Fighter? Heck maybe someone can get him to try Ready 2 Rumble blindfolded? Hey, it's worth a shot.

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