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Sony says that they're going to allow PS4 owners to stream games to their PC soon. That could be a pretty big deal. It's a major convenience feature but also wipes out a current advantage of the Xbox One.

That's not the only big video game story of Thanksgiving week, though. Star Wars: Battlefront, GTA 5 and Fallout 4 all made waves as well. Here are the biggest things you missed in the past seven days:

Top Stories of the Week
PS4 Remote Play Coming To PC - Wow, you guys really don't want us to buy a Vita, do you?

Star Wars: Battlefront Is Getting More Free DLC After Jakku - "We thought, 'What would EA do?' and did the opposite."

GTA 5 Adds Running Back Mode - Will they cut the mode when it turns 30 years old?

Fallout 4 Characters Celebrate Christmas - Finally, a video game that Fox News won't complain about.

Musician Goes On Vicious Rant After Being Asked To Promote Star Wars Battlefront - "What's wrong with this country? Can't a man walk down the street without being offered a job?!"

Mother 4 Is Impossible, Series Creator Says - No surprise here, considering it takes an act of God just to get Nintendo to release an existing Mother game through Virtual Console.

Star Wars Battlefront's Invisibility Glitch Is A Major Pain - Inspired by that scene in Empire Strikes Back where Luke goes 70-1.

League Of Legends Is A Real Sport, Mark Cuban Says - "I mean, it's got foul-mouthed billionaires shouting from the sidelines. What else do you need to be a real sport?"

Resident Evil 6 Rated For Xbox One And PlayStation 4 - Who can pass up on an opportunity to spend another $60 on their least favorite Resident Evil?

Batman: Arkham Knight Adds Batman Vs Superman DLC - Just two years to go until the Justice League DLC.

Videos of the Week
The Creative Assembly releases an in-engine cinematic trailer for Total War: Warhammer introducing the Ork leader along with many key locations from the game:

In this time-lapse video, an artist draws a scene from Mega Man X:

Rainbow Six Siege's launch trailer is a heavy doss of Bill Shakespeare:

Quote of the Week
"The past few weeks have been some of the most challenging in the history of this community. Players have been angry with us, media have written about us en masse and our volunteer moderators went on strike. For all the distress we've caused the past few weeks, I'd just like to take the time and say that we're sorry. We've done a lot of things right in the past, but these past few weeks we screwed up. We need to get better at many things, and we will do our best to improve as soon as possible." - Payday 2 producer Almir Listo, apologizing over the game's controversial microtransactions.
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