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Weekly Recap Aug. 8th: Conduit Sequel, Rape Game Ban, Modern Warfare Wii

Huge gaming news was covered here at Blend Games for the official first week of August. Between August 2nd and August 8th we found out that a new demo for Section 8 was released, a sequel for The Conduit is very likely, Treyarch did the near-impossible by porting CoD: Modern Warfare over to the Nintendo Wii and a scuffle between Blend Games, N4G and Destructoid users occurred over the call for a ban on rape simulators (now being called “platinum” games). These stories and more right here at the Blend Games Weekly Recap.

Also, don’t forget to check out some of the hottest trailers released throughout the week, including the new footage of the highly anticipated Aion: Tower of Destiny, the gorgeous new game Dust: Elysian Tail, an opening cinematic for Monster Hunter 3 for the Wii, as well as new footage of SpyBorgs and Wolfenstein.


2BeeGames Indie Game Competition Offers Up 10,000 Prize. Just make a simple game and submit it to potentially win. That’s it.

Fatal1ty Contest Offers Free Trip To QuakeCon 2009. It’s even easier than creating a game: just submit some contact information. If that's too hard then that's just sad.

Monster Hunter Tri To Arrive In North America In 2010. Easily one of the best games on a Nintendo platform is finally coming to North America.

Sims 3 World Adventure Expansion Pack Announced; First Screenshots Revealed. Another best seller in the expansion pack series of Sims games? Definitely.

Section 8 Demo Coming For Xbox 360. As soon as TimeGate can afford a PS3 dev-kit reports will start filing in about a PS3 demo. Don’t expect that news until mid-2010, though.


Galaxy Online Adding 3D Projector Support Playing a mediocre looking game on a 3D projector might not be so cool but it might be best to check out the full story first.

Unreal Engine 3 Gets Multithreaded Support; Devs Have No More PS3 Excuses. Yep, read it and weep…no more “multithreaded programming is too much for our studio” excuses now that it’s part of the Unreal Engine IPP.

Star trek Online Beta Due In Late 2009; Beta Keys Given To Champions Online Lifetime Or Six Month Subscribers. In short, if you pay $199.99 to play a potentially fail-worthy game you get access to the Star Trek Online beta. That’s bull-hockery.

Braid Creator’s Next Game: The Witness. No sense giving this away, just click the link and read up on how the game is played.

Warner Bros Says This Is Vegas Not Cancelled. That means wet t-shirt contests and drunken dance-party brawls are still on the way.


N4G And Destructoid Users Don’t Mind Raping Women In Games. The opinionated news article that started it all is right here for public viewing. Agree or disagree, this debate is not over by a long-shot.

High Voltage Wants Conduit Sequel. Well the original may not have sold well but that doesn’t mean a sequel isn’t in the works.

Madden Arcade Coming In Late 2009EA isn’t content with keeping Madden to the consoles…there will be an arcade game, too.

World At War Comes To The iPhone. If it fits on the Wii then it should easily be able to fit on an iPhone, right?

Uncharted 2 E3 Trailer Is Better In English Or Japanese? Don’t debate it here, just click on the link and check out both trailers.


Some Gamers Just Aren’t Thrilled With The DSi. Well, some gamers just aren’t digging it.

Aliens Vs Predator Due In February 2010 It’s a matter of counting down the months before being able to play as the hunter, the hunted and the prey.

LittleBigPlanet History DLC Trailer What would a sackboy do in Egypt? Well, click the link to find out.

Champions Online Embraces Gun-Kata In New Trailer. Christian Bale’s Preston would cry a single-tear from being so impressed.

Blur Pre-Order Goodies Differ By Retailer. Well, looks like there won’t be furry dice being offered at the local PlanetX.

Xbox Live Games On-Demand Launch Titles Revealed For UK And US [Updated]. Doesn’t look like Fatal Inertia is among the launch titles. Aw, too bad.

Treyarch Bringing Call Of Duty Modern Warfare To Wii. After everyone said it couldn’t be done, Treyarch is doing the impossible.


StarCraft 2 Coming In First Half Of 2010; Delay Won’t Affect Diablo III. Starcraft 2 may not affect Diablo III but World of Wacraft might affect both. Nevertheless, get all the info by clicking on the link.

Activision Double Fine Reach Settlement On Brutal Legend Lawsuit. All the suing, counter-suing ended with a non-suing out-of-court settlement involving Electronic Arts. Ironic? Definitely.

Nintendo DSi Project Mysteriously Teased By Uacari. No one can say what this game is or what it’s about, but it’s coming to the DSi.

Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines Writer Founds DoubleBear Productions. What sort of projects will come out of the studio? Click the link to find out.

Rise And Ruin Enters Open Beta. If Yu-Gi-Oh was an online fighting game that was fused with Tekken, then this would be that game.

Batman Arkham Asylum Delayed For PC; But How About That PhysX? Yeah, so this game is getting delayed to make better use of physics.


Tekken 6: Larger Than Life Character Artwork. They really are some large character artwork pictures that any Tekken fan might enjoy seeing.

jOG Now Works With Over 100 Wii Games. Good news for gamers trying to lose weight…yes, it means more jogging when playing. This would be insane for a Wii version of GTA, a few wanted stars and gamers would drop calories like crazy.

Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland Screenshot Released. One new screenshot for one awesome looking retake on the classic tale.

Final Fantasy XIV Website Goes Live. Hopefully no one gets a “cease and desist” letter from Square for looking at it the wrong way.

Review: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Turtles In Time Re-Shelled. Blend Games’ Ryan Rigney puts his verdict on this remake. So it is worth playing again on the next-gen consoles? Click the link to find out.

Huxley Goes Open Beta In North America. Finally! After being missing in the press action for months on end, Huxley returns with an open-beta vengeance.

GameStop Eyes Digital Distribution; Appoints General Manager Of Digital Media. Now gamers can get ripped off without leaving the comfort of their computer chair.


New Samurai Warriors 3 Cinematic Trailer. It’s for the Wii, but judging by the trailer no one would have guessed that.

Lead And Gold Debut Trailer For Gamers Who Can’t Wait For Read Dead 2. As the headline states, if Red Dead Redemption is too far away on the release calendar you might want to check out Lead & Gold.

Motion Control And Disability. The Game Reviews surveys how motion control can help disabled gamers. Nice.

Halo 3: ODST Vs. M.A.G: Final Round. It’s the final round between these two titans and it doesn’t look good for Halo 3: ODST.

That wraps up this week’s edition of the Weekly Recap. We part with a new trailer of Wolfenstein featuring a massive shootout in the Zeppelin. And be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games for further news, updates, info and insight regarding all things gaming.