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Ubisoft has been the whipping boy of criticism within the community of The Division for their lack of dealing with hackers and cheaters. Well, that's all changing because they just revealed what they're going to do if you get caught cheating.

IGN explained that Ubisoft Massive has implemented a new cheat detection system, allowing them to know if a player is using a cheat engine in the game. According to the article, Ubisoft will be rolling out a large wave of suspensions and bans in The Division as if they were rolling out punishment on criminals like Jon Bernthal in the second season of Daredevil.

The first offense of someone caught cheating will result in a 14-day suspension. A second offense will result in a permanent ban. As far as dealing with hackers and cheaters, this is the kind of news that the community of The Division has been asking for.

However, the article further notes that Ubisoft will also be punishing those who perpetually make use of exploits in the game, which will result in character rollbacks for some light repeat offenders, account suspensions for those continually make use of exploits in the game, and permanent bans for those who won't stop using exploits.

The Division community never asked for this.

Even still, Ubisoft has supposedly made it known that they will not be punishing newbies who accidentally happen upon an exploit or glitch. It would be very unfair to a lot of players if they were being punished for haphazardly stumbling upon glitches and exploits Ubisoft didn't fix. According to them, anyone who accidentally encounters a bug won't have anything to worry about.

The Division has been plagued with all sorts of bugs since it released in March. Usually there's a new bug or exploit that's found after every patch. Some of the more devastating exploits – such as one where players could accumulate more than a million points worth of damage and unleash a devastating attack on anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the crosshairs – were fixed rather quickly, either through emergency maintenance or with a hotfix.

Recently The Division received its first major expansion called Falcon Lost. The difficulty of the boss had some players desperately trying to find some way to get past the boss using whatever kind of exploit they could, even venturing so far as to try a fake glitch that didn't actually work. Ubisoft has basically been working around the clock to fix and squash all the exploits in the Falcon Lost instance, and this is part of what made them want to crack down on those benefiting from exploits.

There were some complaints about Ubisoft's decision to go after exploiters, since members of the community mentioned that those who purchase The Division shouldn't be beholden to avoiding in-game exploits that Ubisoft failed to fix. Others are simply happy that Ubisoft will finally address the hackers, who have been a bigger problem than exploiters given that they not only cheat in the PvE but also in the PvP within the Dark Zone.

The Division's population should be thinned of hackers, cheaters and exploiters with Ubisoft's new security measures in place.

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