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This Is What Rick And Morty Looks Like Recreated In Fallout 4

Machinima in the world of gaming is a glorious thing. It gives us all sorts of crazy cool videos that we can sit back and enjoy, laughing at, crying with and generally having a good time watching. Well, one of the latest machinima features popular scenes from Rick and Morty recreated within the confines of Fallout 4.

As reported by Kotaku, the video collage of the various unrelated adventures of Rick and Morty from the titular television show was put together by YouTuber UpIsNotJump.

If you watch the show you might recognize some of the scenes that have been recreated within Fallout 4. Both Rick and his sidekick Morty have a post-apocalyptic, Boston vibe going on. If you were expecting caricatured 3D models of the characters from the Cartoon Network show, you're going to be in for a bit of disappointment.

The characters are realized within the confines of Fallout 4, but some of their traits are still kept the same, such as Rick's white hair and goatee, and Morty's perpetually worried look.

If you don't watch the show then a lot of what you've seen above probably looks crazy and surreal. The collage of clips with the sound overlaid from the Rick and Morty cartoon over the Fallout 4 imagery could be enough to convince people who have never seen the show to give it a try.

The closing clips were the ones that really hit home the hardest, where we see a cloned Rick disabled on the floor with some chips laying about. We find out that there's some other controller somewhere with an army of Morty clones at his disposal. It's a pretty creepy way to close out the machinima montage.

UpIsNotJump has made some really awesome machinima in the past, including recreating the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story within the confines of Fallout 4, and the opening to Breaking Bad.

Given that the title for this particular Rick and Morty machinima is labeled as “Part 1”, I can only assume that UpIsNotJump will create some more clips based on popular episodes and scenes from the television series.

Previously a lot of people used to use and rely on GTA IV for their machinima needs. It was an easy to mod game and offered a ton of versatility when it came to vehicles, scenarios and models, but Rockstar made modding a lot harder in GTA V, so it's no longer quite the go-to game for machinima the way it was with GTA IV.

These days, gamers are finding it a lot easier to recreate their favorite movie scenes, television clips, and other media within Bethesda's Fallout 4. That's one of the benefits of keeping your game open for modding. There doesn't appear to be an ETA on when we can expect the second part of the Rick and Morty machinima, but UpIsNotJump has plans on including popular clips recreated in Fallout 4 from all of the show's seasons.

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