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Why I’m Not That Excited About Halo 3

No, it’s not because I’m a girl. But when it comes to Halo, there seems to be two groups of people. The first group is comprised of people who are insane about the game and are waiting with bated breath for its release as if it were the return of their messiah. The second group is made up of people who think it’s highly overrated. And that’s it.

No one actually hates Halo; you can’t hate Halo and call yourself a gamer. Anyone who says they hate Halo is just trying to sound cool as he goes and plays his Wolfenstien 3D with a smug grin on his non-conformist face. Even those of us who are uninterested in the Halo series understand that it is a game that is very impressive on many levels, including graphics, multiplayer interface, and variety of levels and gameplay. But it’s also just an FPS, and it introduces really nothing revolutionary to the genre.

On top of that, the story is derivative and the main character is colorless and bland. Aliens versus humans is hardly the type of story we’ve come to expect in this day and age of gaming as art. Games with a more original storyline and better character development have been criticized because of their lack of innovation, yet Halo gets nothing but praise. In addition to this, the controls, which have been highly praised, are merely a slightly altered Goldeneye 64 control scheme. So I don’t really understand all the excitement.

The reason I comment on this under-the-surface dichotomy in America is that the popularity of the game has become a reason to own it. On Yahoo Games a recent featured article lists the five reasons we should want to play Halo 3. The number one reason? ”Everybody’s waiting for it.” This is a reflection of the hype that may have swayed a legion of people into believing this game will be the best thing known to man. If you own an Xbox 360, it begins to feel like your duty to own the game lest you be cast from popular circles. It’s even tough to make friends even if you play games but don’t play Halo because it has become a symbol of all gamers, a title which Mario once held high upon his throne.

I have no doubt Halo 3 will be a good game and will offer the same thing it did in its previous installments. Maybe the storyline will get tied up at the end and maybe the maps will be really intuitive and exciting. But what else will they give us other than shooting and running and throwing grenades? Will we look at the screen in awe and wonderment of sights never before seen by man? It’s not likely. We’ll probably be gazing in awe as we dual-wield and perform violent headshots. No one is asking for more, so we won’t get more. Gamers are overly excited about a game that doesn’t give us anything new, so it won’t get more exciting than it already is. This is gaming standing still, and we are happy with it.