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Blizzard could be teasing a new character to join the roster for Overwatch soon. Some cyber sleuths have been piecing together some clues and information scattered about the web and from Blizzard's own videos to hint at a new character being in the works with ties to Soldier 76 and Reaper.

Shacknews picked up the story from a rather detailed post over on NeoGaf where some diggers compiled a list of sources that plausibly seem to point to a new support character coming to Overwatch.

First up, they point to a French theater ad that indicated that a new hero would be unveiled for Overwatch soon. Later they claimed that the claim in the ad was likely a typo. NeoGaf user Nirolak points to a few other hints that the new character could be unveiled soon.

Back in November on a table there was a file that pointed to the Dorado location for the two characters Soldier 76 and Sombra. Sombra is not in the game but people thought that maybe she would appear in the animated short for Soldier 76; she did not.

However, Sombra did appear in various images throughout some of the stages. She's a hooded figure with a gun-metal gray helmet that has blue highlights, the outfit also features a blue under-hood and a gray over-hood. Her gray and blue theme is rumored to have ties to Soldier 76 and some of the other heroes/villains such as Reaper.

Nirolak points to a line that Reaper says in the game, to the effect of “Where is Sombra when you need her?”

This bit of information is coupled with some hints in a developer documentary for Overwatch where they believe Sombra appeared in the character select screen, along with a sniper scope shaped in similar fashion to Sombra's high-tech mask.

The community believes that Sombra may be another villain to join the likes of some of the other villains in the game, but again, there's nothing about this revealed from Blizzard's behalf... yet.

Some tend to think that Overwatch is a little short on villains, and this could help open the door for a roster of more villains. For now they've been reusing Reaper and Widowmaker for most of the confrontations, with the exception of Genji and Hanzo, where the two faced off over family matters and the cost of maintaining duty to one's honor.

According to the NeoGaf post, Blizzard had previously mentioned that they were working on two new characters, a tank and support. So not only would Sombra fit the bill as a sniper support class but also fit in with fleshing out the side of the villains.

I do wonder if the new tank will also be a villain? It would seem like they would need someone on the bad guy's side to rival the likes of Reinhardt, because he's easily one of the most beastly characters in Overwatch and they really need a villain of equal caliber. Then again, we don't know exactly how dangerous Sombra is and what kind of threat she could pose to the heroes until we get to see more of her.

While we wait for more confirmation on the character, you can look for Overwatch to release on May 24th for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

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