An interesting new contest has been started by the Russian based studio, iPi Soft. The company is in charge of the motion-capture middleware suite that enables users to easily and conveniently capture movements without requiring expensive studios or actors. Some of the entries are also pretty cool as it showcases how people can put together some amazing videos with a $0 budget.

Chief technology architect Michael Nikonov commented in the press release about the monthly contest, saying...
“It’s amazing to see how our software, in the hands of talented and imaginative filmmakers, is being used,” ... “The submissions are also helpful as we design new features and enhance our current offerings.”

But wait, there's more! Check out one of the entrants below, using only Valve's Source Filmmaker and iPi Soft with dual Kinects for full 3D capture support and six hours of rendering.

Very impressive, no?

The thing that makes iPi so cool is how fluent the capture process is. Movement data capture rates are literally 1:1, meaning that you get loss-less motion-capture just like the big studios but you don't need capture sensors, a mo-cap suit or have to pay a stunt team, actors or anyone else to do the motion can do it all in the comfort of your own home if you need to.

You can learn more about the monthly filmmaking contest by paying a visit to the iPi Soft Official Website.

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