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CD Projekt Red and Warner Bros. Games has announced that The Witcher 2: Enhanced Edition has officially gone gold. The game is now scheduled to land on retailer shelves for the Xbox 360 in all its enhanced glory starting April 17th.

The game is a throwback to what PC gaming used to be all about, giving gamers multiple routes, choices and options to experience a game shaped by the decisions that leads them to an end based on said choices. The game will contain 12 real endings and will overview those endings to give gamers a complete and satisfying resolution to what they've accomplished. In other words, the endings are designed as a tribute to the gamer's dedication to the experience not an attempt to cash-in on their loyalty.

The upside however is that this PC exclusive will soon be available for the Xbox 360, enabling console gamers to experience a highly lauded PC RPG.

Kevin Kebodeaux, Senior Vice President, Sales Americas, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment commented in the press release about the game, saying...
“We are very excited to have The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings Enhanced Edition for Xbox 360 in our spring line-up this year,” ... “This game contains all of the elements that make The Witcher a truly immersive experience that will undoubtedly captivate console gamers just as it has and continues to engage PC gamers.”

There will be additional cinematics, as shown in the dev diary above, new locations, a new revamped combat module, new magic, new baddies and brand new story-arcs. CD Projekt wanted to give away free DLC for the Xbox 360 version of the game but Microsoft wouldn't allow for it.

With the game gone gold it's now just a matter of counting down the days until it lands on a retail shelf near you, for $59.99. You can pre-order the game right now for some additional goodies and extra bonuses or learn more about The Witcher by paying a visit to the Official Website.

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