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The Witcher 3 recently received modding support. According to some users it's not quite as extensive or as deep as the Redkit tools for The Witcher 2. When asked if there would be more support offered for the tools by CD Projekt Red, the community manager acknowledged that there would not be additional tools made available.

It's safe to say that CD Projekt Red is probably one of the most pro-consumer and beloved gaming companies out there right now. However, not everyone is liking that the current modding tools for The Witcher 3 are quite limited. According to VG 24/7, when someone asked community manager Marcin Momot if there would be more tools made available, he stated that there would not.

Momot's comments spawned some fairly heated discussions about the modding tools and potential modding scene for The Withcer 3. Some gamers felt as if CD Projekt Red was shooting themselves in the foot for not offering better tools, as that could really kick the modding scene into high gear and have a lot of people making all sorts of mods for the game compared to previous games. However, in the past, The Witcher 2's extensive modding tools mostly fizzled out and it didn't have the most robust modding scene out there.

It's not shocking that CD Projekt saw the small community built around The Witcher 2's modding tools and decided that it just wasn't worth investing that same amount in The Witcher 3. However, at the same time some gamers have argued that the third game in the Witcher series has proven to be a lot more popular than the first two combined and that taking advantage of that popularity with extensive mod tools could go a long way in fostering a healthy modding community.

Keep in mind, though, that you don't need officially supported mod tools to make awesome mods or even create total conversions for a game. None of the GTA games have received full modding support – actually just the opposite has happened with GTA V, with Rockstar actively locking down all forms of modding for the game. Even still, modders have been adamant to defy Rockstar and mod the game to their heart's content, including finding ways around deep encryption and even adding custom models back into the game, as proven with the recent inclusion of things like the Iron Man mods.

Basically, if gamers really want to mod The Witcher 3 they'll buck up like the poor 'ole GTA crowd and work with whatever they have to bring their tandem, rocket launcher-wielding, rainbow-colored unicorn to life in CD Projekt's open-world action-RPG. The tools still allow for editing the scripts, swapping characters around and making new skins so it's not like it's a complete bust.

For the being the limited modding tools are made available and you can grab them right now and start getting to work on those Witcher 3 nude mods... oh wait... too late.

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