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Telltale Games has released the first in-game screenshots for The Wolf Among Us, the adventure game inspired by comic book series Fables. These initial images introduce us to Bigby Wolf, the sheriff of Fabletown.

In The Wolf Among Us, fairy tale characters are real and they live among us. They were exiled from their homeworld after it was conquered by the Adversary. These characters now live in a hidden community of New York City.

Bigby Wolf, once known as the Big Bad Wolf, has been appointed sheriff of the community. Apparently the exiled fairy tale characters (or "Fables") have picked up some bad habits in the Big Apple. For example, Mr. Toad is now a car thief.

Telltale will release Wolf as a series of episodes, much like their other adventure games. The first episode of the "season" will debut this summer. Xbox 360, PS3, PC and Mac versions have been confirmed, but Telltale says that other platforms will be announced. Perhaps they'll release the game on iOS, as they did with The Walking Dead.

Additional details on Wolf will be released in the weeks ahead. Expect even more information to come out when press get hands-on time at E3 next month.

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