World Of Warcraft: Legion Cinematic Trailer Is A Ridiculous Battle Scene

World of Warcraft's next major expansion, Legion, is due out next year and, as you might have guessed, things are about to get a little cray-cray for the denizens of Azeroth. To set the stage, Blizzard recently revealed a cinematic trailer for the update that will arrive Summer 2016.

If you want to know what World of Warcraft's Legion expansion is all about, it looks like you can rely on three things: War. War. And more war. The reveal trailer for the update weighs in at a mighty five minutes, giving players a good idea of the new threats they'll need to square off against in the coming years.

When the Burning Legion arrives in Azeroth, it looks like all hell is going to break loose. Honestly, I've never gotten into World of Warcraft (MMOs have a way of basically ruining all forms of productivity for me), but this trailer does a solid job of making me want to dive in headfirst.

It looks like the lines between the Alliance and Horde are dwindling as a common enemy, the Burning Legion, threatens the lives off all Azerothians. We're treated to some appropriately gravely-voiced monologuing to explain what kind of a threat we're up against, followed by a war that takes place both in the air and in the water below. The Legion enemies are all about green fire and glowing green monsters because, let's face it, green is a rad color. Things take a turn for the worse for the good guys that, if memory serves correct, could have been easily avoided were Iron-Man on hand for the assault.

And when that “For Azeroth” moment comes, replacing the traditional chants of World of Warcraft? Goosebumps. And again, I have no emotional ties to this long-running game. Even so, I realize how important World of Warcraft is to individuals and games in general, so a powerful trailer still has the ability to make this cold-hearted games journo want to cheer.

There's a lot of time between now and the nebulous “Summer 2016” launch for World of Warcraft's next big update, so expect plenty more trailers, screenshots, reveals and the like to be flooding the internet over the next seven months. In the meantime, we'd be interested to know how our readers took this Legion-infused trailer? Are you excited for the update to finally arrive?

More information about Legion can be found on the official website. That's also where you can sign up to take part in the upcoming closed beta, where Blizzard will be inviting in a limited number of players to try out the content and report back with any issues.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.