World Of Warcraft Secretly Added A Rare Murloc Pet

Blizzard slipped a new reward into World of Warcraft's latest patch: a rare battle pet called Terky the Murloc. Terky, previously available only in Asia through a special promotion, can now be found in one of the game's long-forgotten zones.

In order to get this white murloc for your pet collection, you'll need to head back to the Borean Tundra in Northrend. There's an underground cave near the Riplash Ruins. The entrance isn't easy to spot so I'd recommend getting a coordinates mod and then heading to 56 - 88. Swim through the cave and you'll eventually reach a chamber with the world's saddest-looking altar (essentially a rock table with a boulder on top).

Behind the altar, you'll see a small pile of bones and shells. In the middle of that pile is an egg. Loot this item, the White Murloc Egg, and use it. This will add Terky to your battle pet collection. You can only have one per account. Also take note that you can't cage him and sell him on the auction house.

Terky is white with orange and red highlights. Apparently he uses the exact same model as Lurky, given to European players who bought the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition way back when. He has the same abilities too. His abilities include Lucky Dance, which boosts the critical strike chance of his team, and Stampede, which doubles the damage on an opponent.

Borean Tundra was a zone from several expansions ago so it's usually a ghost town. That's even truer now that players level so quickly and can skip a lot of older content. Terky was found by accident by a Reddit user who was traveling through the zone on his alt. The secret had been in the game about a week before someone stumbled on it - which is impressive in WoW, considering how many players there are and how devoted they can be.

Now that the secret is out, though, the cave is flooded with players trying to get the egg. It despawns after looted but fortunately respawns almost instantly. You'll just have to sit there and click a lot until you get lucky. Using the Group Finder to hop over to a PvE and/or low-population server is a good idea, too.

WoW's next patch will add plenty of other rewards to the game, including two new mounts. These rewards will take a lot more effort than simply clicking an egg, though.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.