World Of Warcraft: Warlords Of Draenor's Final Raid Boss Beaten After 472 Attempts

The final raid boss of the latest expansion for World of Warcraft is Archimonde. He's a big, tough, hard-to-kill bad guy in the Twisting Nether. A guild finally beat him on the highest difficulty setting but it took 472 attempts.

Blizzard's Warlords of Draenor expansion features hard-knuckled raid in the Hellfire Citadel. The run is nothing special for advanced, high-level guilds but on the hardest difficulty setting, Mythic, the run proved to be a heck of a lot more difficult than even one of the top guilds had anticipated.

Over on MMO Champion they have a brief blurb about the guild Method finally having beat Archimonde on the Mythic raid setting. One of the members of the guild going by the handle Ashvael, sent out a tweet notifying the World of Warcraft raiding community that Archimonde on Mythic was the one raid where he's wiped the most.

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As it shows on Ashvael's profile, Method only died four times to Archimonde on Normal while killing him five times. The Heroic version of Archimonde was a bit more of a challenge, wiping the guild 26 times. But my oh my... look at those Mythic stats. 472 failed attempts. That's a huge time investment. If the average attempt was around 5 minutes, that would be over 39 hours.

Blizzard said in the past that Hellfire Citadel is Draenor's last raid and they seem to have ended the expansion with a bang. If Mythic Archimonde took this much time and effort for Method, other guilds are bound to be occupied with him for months. That's a good thing for Blizzard, because busy players are more likely to remain paying subscribers. World of Warcraft's development team hasn't announced the next expansion for the game yet so it's likely a year or more away. That's a long time for an MMO to go without new content so the longer Hellfire Citadel can hold players' attention during that period, the better. If not, we could see another big dip in WoW's subscribers.

Patch 6.2 also introduced some other diversions for players. They can now test their skills in a new difficulty setting for Warlords of Draenor's five-man dungeons. Shipyards for garrisons allows them to build up a fleet and send them off on missions. Blizzard is now holding regular weekend events in the game as well. For example, Timewalking events open up an old dungeon with enemies and gear scaled up to player's higher levels.

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