Would You Drive These Real-Life Overwatch Vehicles?

Blizzard is really pulling out all the stops for their promotion of Overwatch. The upcoming first-person shooter is on hand at this year's sold out PAX East event in Boston, Massachusetts, and Blizzard has some Overwatch themed vehicles on hand in collaboration with Uber.

According to Gamespot, attendees will be able to take a free joyride in the various Overwatch-themed vehicles based in part on the characters from the team-based FPS. The announcement about the free joyrides originally was made over on the official Uber website with a post called UberWATCH. They explain that between April 22nd and April 24th attendees will be able to check out the vehicles at PAX East.

They explain in the post that they have  three different vehicles based around the Overwatch characters from the game on hand, including the ever-popular mascot of the game, Tracer, the rarely used Solder: 76, and the former eSports champion D.va.

The post further details each of the vehicles. The cosplayer for Tracer will give attendees a ride in an outfitted Lamborghini Aventador. The vehicle carries the same color scheme as Tracer, with gradient shades of orange and yellow contrasted against black and white outlines. One person at a time will be able to take a cruise around the lot in the Lamborghini alongside Tracer.

The Soldier: 76 cosplayer will allow up to four other people to take a ride around in a Ford F650 Supetruck. The truck is absolutely huge, and sports a blue, orange, and white color scheme with the Overwatch logo plastered across the hood. At first glance I kept getting it confused with the utility trucks from Microsoft's Crackdown series, which has a very similar logo and color scheme, and also had similar over-the-top trucks that players could upgrade and crash through the destructible environments.

The last of the three is a really cool set of Polaris Slingshots driven by a cosplayer taking on the role of D.Va, whose in-game story centers around her being a hotshot former eSports champion that eventually moves on to manning her own mech. The Slingshot looks really cool and is decked out in a pink Overwatch livery.

You'll only have the weekend to make good on the opportunity to get a free joyride from Uber at the PAX East event in Boston. It also seems like the perfect opportunity to take some photos as well.

This might seem a little excessive as far as promotional campaigns go, but if it turns into a few extra sales for Blizzard I'm sure they don't mind. Overwatch is due for release on May 24th, at the end of next month, for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Blizzard has been holding beta tests leading up to the game's release so that the servers will be primed and ready for the server load when the time comes.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.