XCOM 2's Dark Events Will Keep You On Your Toes

Firaxis Games briefly showcased a special element within XCOM 2 called Dark Events. It's something the ADVENT aliens employ as players progress through the game and attempt to complete more and more objectives.

The news was rolled out over on the official XCOM website, where they detailed how the ADVENT counter-operations known as Dark Events will not just keep you on your toes, but also challenge you to think strategically and responsibly for the safety of your troops and everyone aboard the Avenger.

The Dark Events add random modifiers to the XCOM 2 experience, giving gamers completely unforeseen challenges as they attempt to take Earth back from the ADVENT. So what sort of random modifiers do the Dark Events add to the game? Well, it could be anything as simple as an armor buff for soldiers on the ground, to something more deadly such as equipping certain units with venomous rounds, so every time they shoot at your troops there's a possibility your soldiers could befall poison damage.

Dark Events aren't just about combat modifiers, though. Sometimes there are Geoscape modifiers that take place as well, from the aliens developing new allow to strengthen their armor to the aliens construction an all new base, there are instances where players will be forced to deal with situations where the aliens could undermine the attempts of XCOM by planning counter strategies.

The Dark Events can even include the aliens constructing plans to send alien bounty hunters after the Avenger. That's a pretty nifty gameplay element where the AI becomes the aggressor at times and players will have to adapt their play-style and tactics to deal with these tactics.

What's really interesting is that Firaxis' inclusion of Dark Events adds a whole new meta-game layer to XCOM 2 that wasn't present in the first game. In fact, players could find themselves spending inordinate amounts of time just attempting to discovery new research and ways to keep the aliens from gaining a further advantage on you and your efforts.

Another counter-measure that will be available to players who gather proper intel and outfit their groups with the right gear called Guerrilla Ops. This will enable gamers to mount counter offenses to the Dark Events. So yeah, the aliens can use Dark Events as counter-measures against your counter-measures for their planetary take-over, but when they use their counter-measures you can use a secondary counter-measure in the form of Guerrilla Ops. It's a never ending game of trying to outwit the AI.

I think Firax has their heads on real right when it comes to the features and content of XCOM 2. So far I've really enjoyed everything that the developers have revealed about the sequel to their reboot of the classic turn-based strategy game.

Hopefully the game is as fun to play as it has been learning about all the new content, customization features, strategy tactics and combat improvements that the developers are implementing in this highly awaited PC sequel. You can look for XCOM 2 to launch on February 5th, 2016.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.