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Game development just got a bit easier for developers on a budget. If you didn't plan on spending six to eight months designing AI routines from scratch you can readily make use of xaitment's xaitMap and xaitControl for the Unity Game Engine in a special 2 for 1 offer for only $499.99.

Non game developers probably see the price and go "Whaaaa? That's insane!" But development tools are usually a lot more expensive. In plain terms, if you were using the Unity, you could easily and effectively design and publish a high-quality game for under $5,000 from start to finish. For an indie dev that's perfect.

Mike Walsh, CEO of xaitment shared a few comments about the budgetary concerns of game development and middleware, saying...
“There are a growing number of game studios, simulation developers and educational institutions that are working with the Unity engine,” ... “Until now, we‘ve only been able to address their needs with the full versions of our software. With the plug-ins, we now have two great products that give Unity engine users all of our AI tools, at a fraction of the cost.”

Right on.

In addition to having high-quality graphics effects and design tools at their finger tips with the Unity Engine, developers will now have high-quality AI tools available at a fraction of their normal costs and without all the extra licensing fees to worry about.

Chief technical officer of xaitment, Thorsten Maier, also mentioned that...

“The key to our new approach was figuring out how to present all of the features we’ve included in an intuitive way for Unity users,” ... “We’ve worked hard to ensure that they adapt to the Unity workflow and development environment in order to make them even easier to access and use.”

You can pick up a copy of the xaitment plug-ins for Unity by paying a visit to the web store or you can check out some of their features below.

xaitMap for Unity Features:

• Quickly create NavMeshes on any object in a scene
• Dynamically set up and modify collision avoidance parameters on any component in a scene
• Easily modify a character’s movement by assigning a MoveComponent to a game character
• Easily start working with pathfinding using xaitment’s Starter Pack of Movement Behaviors
• Create predefined paths by dragging and dropping waypoints on a NavMesh.

xaitControl for Unity

• Graphical Bot Behavior Modeling, which enables developers to quickly add states and transitions, even in a hierarchy, or create conditional, event-based and time-based transitions
• A Real-Time Debugger, which gives developers full control over the instances of the Finite State Machine, such as setting breakpoints for states, transitions, conditions and commands
• All xaitControl FSMs are handled like C# scripts, allowing developers to work the way they’re familiar within Unity
• The plug-in will automatically make available all the FSMs, events, functions (including signature, etc.) within Unity for further development

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