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Today Microsoft rolled out two bundles for the 2009 holiday season. One contains an Xbox 360 Elite while the other is centered around a black wireless controller.

The $299 Xbox 360 Elite Holiday Bundle contains a 120GB Xbox 360 "Elite" console as well as two games: Lego Batman and Pure. The Elite model is normally $299 nowadays so you're essentially getting those two games for free. This bundle will be available in the United States and Canada starting today.

The other bundle, Xbox 360 Wireless Controller Game Pack, will be available worldwide for $59.99. The black wireless Xbox 360 controller is accompanied by four Xbox Live Arcade games: >o?Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, Lumines LIVE!, Bomberman LIVE! and a download voucher for Ms Pac-Man. You'll get a 48-Hour Xbox Live Gold subscription card, too. Look for the Controller Game Pack to hit stores in November.