Are you, by chance, ready for some football? Or maybe you’d just prefer to spend the weekend watching old episodes of Buffy on Netflix but, wouldn’t you know it, you don’t have an Xbox Gold account. Well, no matter which of these two situations you find yourself in, the Xbox 360 has you covered through the weekend.

Major Nelson is reporting that the Xbox 360 has some big entertainment plans for the next couple of days, starting with the Netflix app being unlocked over the weekend. Available for all regions with Netflix, anyone (not just Gold members) can now enjoy Netflix’s wide array of movies and television shows, including today’s brand new series House of Cards.

Some might argue that access to your already existing Netflix account shouldn’t cost extra money just to be a Gold member, but that’s a debate perhaps best left for another day. For the time being, even the unwashed masses of Silver members can dive into the near-limitless offerings of the Netflix streaming.

Along with Netflix goodness, Xbox is also gearing up for Super Bowl XLVII, taking place this Sunday afternoon. Through the weekend, users will be able to access the Hulu AdZone (This one DOES require a Gold membership), which is where you’ll be able to re-watch commercials from this year’s big game, as well as commercials from games dating back to 2008. Maxim will also be providing special content like Lingerie Football and Tailgating Maxim Style, alongside additional offerings from Crunchyroll, EPIX, iHeartRadio and DailyMotion.

To find all of this content in a single location, just boot up your 360 and head to the “Ready to Rumble” tab on the home screen.

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