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Xbox One Controller Modded For Disabled Gamers

Popular console modder Ben Heck has unveiled a sneak peek at his latest creation: a modded Xbox One controller designed for gamers with physical disabilities, where they only have one functional hand... or for gamers who regularly play Team Ninja titles and need their other hand free for other purposes.

Gamespot took note of the teaser, where Heck released two images of the modded controller that will get the full unveiling treatment on his show Element 14: The Ben Heck Show via the Canadian Newark network (opens in new tab).

The controller's left thumb stick and digital pad are doffed, with subordinate pads moved in closer to the right thumb stick for easy access. The left-bumper and trigger are also oriented around the right hemisphere of the controller, with buttons added to the bottom of the Xbox One's controller, as indicated in the picture below.

It looks kind of fugly but it's all about functionality, and Heck seems to know how to get things functional. Sadly, the controller is only available for right-handed gamers, so if you're not keen on using your left hand for gaming and your right hand for other important tasks, you're fresh out of luck.

More than anything, this is great news for disabled gamers who may have physical impairments. I'm curious if the D.A.G.E.R. System will get their hands on this new modified controller, as it would be interesting to note how well the game works for those with hand coordination disabilities, and whether or not it improves or hampers the interactive gameplay experience.

Right now, D.A.G.E.R.S., has scored the Wii U as the choice console for disabled gamers and this new controller could challenge that standing.

As for Ben Heck and this modified controller for the physically disabled... he's donating the device to the Able Gamers Foundation. Quite naturally, a lot of gamers who suffer from or know someone who suffers a disability queried as to where they'll be able to pick up the controller.

It would be nice to see this controller go into a limited production run with one of the certified third-party peripheral manufacturers under Microsoft. And yes, only certified peripheral makers can release vendor-ready accessories for the Xbox One... yay for closed-garden capitalism.

Anyway, you can check out the teaser video of the controller courtesy of Ben Heck's Element 14 below. The controller will be unveiled in full this Friday on January 3rd via Heck's YouTube channel, where you can see the controller and its functionalty in action.

We'll keep you posted if you'll be able to buy the controller instead of begging Heck for your very own version of this modified beast.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.