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Following up on the leaks from SuperDaE earlier this year, does anyone remember that kid that kind of gave everyone further heads-up about the Xbox One's DRM policies back in April? That little troll-baiter, Adam "Sweet Billy" Orth? Well, Adam Orth, former creative director for Microsoft Game Studios (and yes, he actually had to resign from his job over the Twitter trolling of the Xbox One's online DRM policy) will be giving a keynote speech at GDC Next in November with the topic covering “Toxic Online Behavior”.

If this news post was a video I would have to apologize for having to stop and laugh with incessant candor because I can't see how someone like Orth will talk about “Toxic Online Behavior” when his entire Twitter breakdown was a series of troll posts that coined the #DealWithIt apothegm. After pissing off a good number of people with his own toxic online behavior, I find it ironic that he's now going to give a speech about it.

If you're confused about the whole thing, just watch the video above as it gives a nice little overview of Orth's onerous Twitter omen towards offline gaming that eventually led to him losing his job.

Anyway, according to GameSpot, Orth will discuss topics that range from his decision to leave Microsoft, as well as "Mob Rules: The Destructive Power of Opinion and Online Community." and how to "inspire developers as a community to rebuild the foundation of online and community through positive academic, communal, and mechanical revolution."

Seems a bit like a total 180 from his previous supercilious air aimed at anyone who wasn't always connected, or people who didn't have a good enough internet connection to support the Xbox One's previously draconian policies.

But then again... Orth's 180 shouldn't be too surprising given Microsoft's Xbox 180 maneuver that they recently pulled earlier in the week.

Originally people came down hard on Orth after he came down hard on anyone who wasn't rocking fast internet connections and wasn't always connected. There's been a general revolt against Microsoft's policy reversal from the rich and privileged, who felt as if anyone who wasn't rich and privileged enough to afford or use an Xbox One didn't deserve it. Microsoft agreed with the aforementioned mind frame up until the Amazon poll numbers rocked their socks and the pre-order numbers shattered their panties.

I'm really curious how Adam Orth, Sweet Little Billy, will be able to pull out a win with the crowd after talking up policies that would have alienated nearly half of the Xbox 360's own install base and generally would have been a corporate face-pissing on anyone who couldn't afford to game anymore? I guess we'll find out once November 5th rolls around later this year.

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