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Hold on to your butts, folks. We're in for a bumpy ride. Some NeoGaffers have gone full pro-Xbox with the leaks, providing enough information to make even the most diehard Sony fanboy leak fluids from private places due to all the excitement.

The Verge picked up on the leaks from Gaffer ntkrnl, who dropped some heavy leak-bombs for Xbox One owners.

Apparently that long-rumored OS patch that will make the Xbox One nice and pretty – giving it the firmware face-lift Joan Rivers always wanted – will drop sometime in March, just in time for the launch of Titanfall.

Speaking of Titanfall, Mr. Rumor Runner seems to have gotten hold of images for a special Titanfall livery for the Xbox One console. The limited edition will also be made available with Respawn Entertainment shooter in March... or it could be a really well-done Photoshop job, but Microsoft would need this particular rumor to be true to help sell the appeal of the Xbox One... it sure beats taking in old PS3 units, eh?

But if that's not enough, the leak also points to additional territorial roll-outs for the big black box. We're talking about a few handful of new regions within the spring quarter and a ton more by the fall quarter. Supposedly, here the countries where the Xbox One will be made available by April of 2014:

Japan South Korea
Hong Kong



Seeing Japan there is good tidings for Microsoft, given that they'll be giving up the Southern Asian territories to Sony for an entire two months.

The console is expected to hit the middle-east and rest of eastern Europe by October, 2014. This means that we can easily expect the PS4 to continue to outsell the Xbox One in many of the regions where it won't be available throughout the majority of 2014.

On the upside, Microsoft at least has a strategy in place for the fall, with Halo 2 Anniversary (may or may not be 1080p at 60fps, according to the leaker) containing a beta for Halo 5. That's not much of a leak but more like common sense.

Quantum Break is also rumored for the fall 2014 line-up along with Sunset Overdrive.

Gears of War for the Xbox One won't be ready until maybe 2016 or 2017, same for Crackdown 3.

I'm not familiar with this particular NeoGaf leaker, so this means that I have no idea if they're as credible as CBOAT or Thuway, when it comes to pumping out reliable information. The latter two have been pretty spot on with many of their "insider leaks", including the Resolution-gate and some of the hardware issues that the Xbox One suffered. But given the proximity of some of these leaks, I guess we'll find out soon enough if this guy carries weight or not. Of course, it should go without saying that all of the above should be taken with some salt in one pocket and lube in the other... just in case you get screwed.

But how does that make you feel about the Xbox One's potential status in 2014? Are these titles and region roll-outs enough to keep it in the running with the PS4 or to potentially surpass the Wii U? What do you think?

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