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Hoping that Xbox One games would carry a lower price tag because they would be available digitally? You know, Steam-type pricing? Ha! You've been drinking too much orange juice and vodka. This is Microsoft we're talking about, not Valve. Xbox One games will launch physically and digitally for $59.99.

Polygon [via The Verge & Daily Game] got word of the pricing for Xbox One software from a Microsoft representative who stated that...
"I can confirm that Microsoft Studios games on Xbox One will be $59.99 (MSRP),"

Digital and and physical. Worse yet is that XB1 games carry these kind of prices and having some of the most complicated sharing restrictions I've ever seen. Check it out below.

Previously, Total Biscuit, Penny Arcade and Erik Kain from Forbes all made the argument that the Xbox One's totalitarian policies were to the benefit of consumers because pricing could come down and it would be all happy-go-lucky like Steam. However, these guys were all thinking as optimistic consumers, not realistic executives.

Former EA CEO, John Riccitiello, had already wrote about this very scenario and noted that the PS4 and Xbox One were hedging towards “walled garden” territory, mostly because Microsoft runs a monopoly on Xbox digital software. They don't have a reason to have consumer friendly prices because there is no competition for digital console software.

Calling the cards in Sony's hand isn't even necessary because back in February, after the initial reveal, Jack Tretton made it known that PS4 games would be available between $0.99 and $60. Of course, free-to-play games are still free-to-play and no, the PS4 does not always require PlayStation Plus for free-to-play titles.

I know a lot people are getting frustrated with all the Xbox One bashing, but look folks these are the cold hard facts and that's how the dice fell. If you want the negative reporting to stop I suggest you ask Microsoft to stop making stupid decisions. DealwithIt#

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