Xbox One Troll Console Is The Perfect Livery

I don't know how I missed it before, but there's a series of liveries available for the Xbox One currently on the market, one of which includes a fully hydro-dipped livery of none other than trollface from Controller Chaos.

I don't know if this is the perfect livery for PlayStation 4 owners as a way to show that the Xbox One trolled all the Xbox fanboys, or if it's perfect for Xbox One owners who feel they've been trolled by Microsoft. Either way, the livery is gold (not literally, but figuratively) and it gives the console the kind of the necessary bravado to not only poke fun at itself – because the Summer of DRM really was the most epic of all trolls against the gaming community – but it offers a slightly more lighthearted take on a console that seems to surround itself in more controversy than the Westboro Baptist Church.

I mean, there's nothing more trollish than a console that wants you to check in every 24-hours like you were some kind of parole, or having an always-on, always-listening camera watch you at every turn so they know how to advertise goods to you, and at the same time give the NSA some good fap-bait while they spend all day jammed in their chairs looking at you do your business. I don't know about anyone else, but that's like the ultimate troll machine just short of taking your temperature... rectally.

It's like that perfect embodiment of what Microsoft was rolling out for the Xbox brand since May 21st. It's so beautiful... it's so honest... it's so... trollish.

The livery itself comes courtesy of Controller Chaos, in case all the plastered logos all over the images and the YouTube video didn't give away. It's a little bit different than you might find on other decal shops like DecalGirl or iCarbon. But of course, a giant troll face on your Xbox One is something of an acquired taste... especially when it has “U Mad, Bro?” plastered all over the front of it. It's the kind of console where after you tea-bag someone in Call of Duty you turn the Kinect to face your console and say “U mad, bro?” and then you upload it to YouTube and get 10 million or so views while some high-pitched little 10-year-old squeals in the background from having lost like the 10-year-old brat that he is.

Anyway, the trollface livery and the other two hydro-dipped liveries for the Xbox One are available right now over on Controller Chaos. I don't know if it really competes with DecalGirl's All 'Murican console, but it comes awfully close.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.