White Xbox One, PS4 Now Available From iCarbons

One of the most requested things we've seen across multiple sites (including Gaming Blend) is how gamers can get their hands on a the coveted white Xbox One. Well, despite Microsoft making the Xbox One units in a white color scheme in limited quantities, iCarbons has made it possible for any and everyone to get their hands on a multitude of colors for the Xbox One.

Gearnuke spotted the tweet from iCarbons' official Twitter account, letting gamers know that multi-colored case skins for the Xbox One would be arriving soon. Well, they've arrived.

The iCarbons line-up of case skins will run you a meager $25.99 and it gives your game console the high-performance, aftermarket visual tune-up that will make you feel as if you're looking at a high-end sports device straight a race track called the assembly line.

But the carbon-white Xbox One isn't the only color available. As you'll spot over on the official iCarbons website there are a variety of colors available, including this sleek looking case.

But what if your tastes aren't limited to VCR-style boxes? What if you have a desire for a more deviant design for your home console device? I'm talking about that oblique piece of sexy technology from Sony, the PlayStation 4.

If you're not satisfied with the black and it just isn't fulfilling your needs, you can always go white... or you can go green, blue or red, too. In fact, if I must say so myself – and unfortunately you can never get an article from this place where someone won't say so their-self – the red and white PlayStation 4 carbon cover casing looks drop dead grand prix worthy. Just look at this sexy beast below. Just look at it...

Now tell me that didn't make you dribble fluids from the wrong side of the right orifice?

If the two-tone PS4 above got you hot and bothered enough to make you feel like a middle-aged woman with a hot flash, feel free to act on that impulse by paying a visit to the iCarbons site to check out more custom color schemes for the PS4.

The site also offers customized cases for the Wii, DS and even the OUYA. Unfortunately, the true next-gen winner of the eighth generation of gaming (so far), is no where to be seen on the site. That's right, no custom fittings for the Wii U. Nevertheless, I'm sure they'll be arriving soon. Hopefully.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.