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Bungie is about ready to completely nerf two of the most powerful guns in Destiny. The game will see one of the strongest weapons in the game, the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher, reduced greatly in its stopping power, so it's probably best to buy it while it's still effective.

Xur is the name of an exotic item peddler in Destiny. He offers gamers some unique wares that can buy for a limited amount of time. He pops in every so often, usually for the weekend, and then he pops out.

Gamers are given a brief amount of time to scope out what Xur has for sale and use their strange coins to purchase goods from Xur while he's there in the world. According to GameSpot, this time around he has the Gjallarhorn available for sale to anyone who can afford it at 17 strange coins.

This will be one of the few times left where gamers will be able to get their hands on the strongest rocket launcher in the game that can be used to solo dungeons and raids in the game, including Crota's End.

Bungie will be diminishing the Gjallarhorn's power in the next big update for Destiny. When the expansion pack The Taken King launches on September 15th the nerfs will kick into play and the lauded rocket launcher will no longer do the damage it once did.

Some gamers are fine with this change while others are a bit peeved that they'll be forced to use different weapons when The Taken King launches.

According to Bungie, the idea behind the change was that they wanted to nerf the Gjallarhorn in order to get gamers playing Destiny to use more weapons and switch up the variety of how they do stages and encounter enemies.

A lot of people right now only rely on the Thorn revolver and the Gjallarhorn rocket launcher because they're the most powerful weapons in the game. Bungie didn't seem keen on people using the same two weapons for the next decade, so they wanted to force gamers to use something different when The Taken King finally launches.

This last hurray for the power of the Gjallarhorn is being celebrated with the Xur sale. This will give gamers an opportunity to experience the legendary rocket launcher before it's brought down in power and permanently neutered in its power.

According to the GameSpot article, more than just the iconic rocket launcher is available for sale. The Light Beyond Nemesis, an Insurmountable Skullfort, and Achlyophage Symbiote are also available for sale from Xur. These items will be available in Destiny over the weekend for 13 strange coins.

Those of you who purchase the Gjallarhorn from Xur will have just one month to get in as much damage as you can before the patch drops for The Taken King, at which point you'll need to go scavenging for whatever the latest and greatest gun is. Before the release of the expansion pack, be sure to check out the five things you need to do before it launches.

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