Destiny's The Taken King Guns: What You Need To Know

Destiny’s The Taken King expansion is due out in a little over a month and with it, Bungie is promising the largest arsenal to ever get dropped on the popular first-person shooter. That includes the large list of guns that initially shipped with the game back in 2014. To prepare Guardians for the deluge, the developers have offered loads of fresh details on what to expect.

This weekend’s Bungie Weekly Update is all about firepower, specifically the new types of weapons you’ll be utilizing to terrorize several alien races in the coming months.

According to Bungie’s DeeJ, the new weapons being added in with The Taken King on September 15th won’t just be more of the same kinds of guns, but instead inject the new armaments with “more diversity and heritage.”

In other words, instead of just having a bunch of cool-looking guns with rad names like Thorn, Time and Patience, and The Last Word, the new weapons dropping with The Taken King will come from a trio of independent developers that have their own design and use philosophies. That means players are more likely to find a crafter that fits their play style better than the others, which means you might find yourself totally devoted to guns from either Hakke, Omolon or Suros in Destiny’s year two.

You’ll definitely want to check out that full post, as Bungie went the extra mile to create that “heritage” they were talking about for Destiny’s new guns. There’s a bit of history available for each gun developer, as well as information on their philosophies and design choices. I’m assuming these guidelines were used in the development of each new weapon, making sure that its stats and functionality fall in line with the fictional creator.

Hakke’s motto, for instance, is “Functional. Reliable. Unapologetic.” A couple of design pillars for the line include “Hammers, not scalpels,” and “Hakke is not about exciting form, it is about exciting function.” That right there tells you that Hakke’s guns probably won’t win any beauty contests, but they’ve been designed to get the job done. More than that, it sounds like we’re looking at a lineup that’s less worried about precision gameplay and more about mid-to-short range weapons that dish out a lot of damage.

And then there’s Omolon, who believe “The future is what we make it.” Design pillars include “experimental, bordering on irresponsible” and “powered by barely understood technology.” Omolon’s guns will likely offer some surprise features in exchange for more practical shooting, and seem like they’re geared at folks who are more interested in having fun while they’re shooting than racking up a kill count.

Finally, there’s Suros, who believe “elegance is the face of brutality.” Design pillars focus on sleek looks, so you’ll probably feel like you’re firing a Cadillac on the battlefield with a Suros gun at your disposal.

Not a bad start, if you ask me. Which gun manufacturer sounds more like your cup of tea? Let us know in the comments section below.

Ryan Winslett

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.