If Saw was a crazy Japanese puzzle game, then it would have been Zero Escape: Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, more commonly known as 999. Zero Escape’s sequel, Virtue’s Last Reward, is now available for the Nintendo 3DS and PlayStation Vita, and it bears all of the same deadly puzzle solving and text heavy story bits that made the original game such a big success.

While 999 was a DS exclusive, the sequel has gone multiplatform, meaning even more gamers can find out why this series has gained such a solid cult status. Virtue’s Last Reward offers a new cast and new story, as well as all new challenging puzzles to get through.

In VLR, nine individuals have found themselves trapped in a mysterious facility, unwilling participants in the “Nonary Game: Ambidex Edition.” Basically, the player will have to work with (or against) their fellow game participants in order to solve some mind-bending puzzle and progress further into a mysterious facility. Depending on the player’s choices, many of the characters will likely end up dead. The player, too, can wind up on the receiving end of a death trap if they don’t forge their alliances carefully.

When you aren’t solving tough as nails puzzles in the escape rooms, you’ll be enjoying the second part of Virtues’s gameplay, the “Novel” stages. No surprise here, that’s when the player will gain extra story and character background information in the form of fully-voiced text sections. You’ll also have the option to choose between the original Japanese VO or the English version, a nice perk for fans who are into that sort of thing.

Given the deadly game being played, it should come as no surprise that Virtue’s Last Reward features multiple endings. You can start discovering them all for yourself immediately, as the game is now available for the 3DS and Vita portable consoles.

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