DoubleBear Productions, the studio founded by Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines writer/designer Brian Mitsoda, unveiled its first game today. It's a PC RPG called Dead State.

Dead State takes place in the early stages of a zombie apocalypse. The player assembles a rag-tag band of survivors and together they seek food, shelter, and supplies. They must fend off not only the rampaging undead but also fellow humans driven to desperate measures. The player, too, will be forced to make tough decisions to stay alive.

The game uses turn-based combat and an isometric camera. It's said to have a non-linear storyline and large, open world. Though it sounds like the game's going for retro RPG appeal, there are some atypical features hinted at, as well. For example, zombies will track you based on noise.

The release date for Dead State has yet to be determined. There are no screenshots or video clips on the website yet, either. Still, it's got zombies and promises enough tried-and-true PC RPG mechanics that it'll garner healthy attention in the months ahead.

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