The problem with most Zumba video games is that they aren't well targeted at kids, what with their loud hippidy-hop music and obscene gyration dance moves. Thankfully, Majesco Entertainment realizes that this is a problem, which is exactly why they'll soon be releasing Zumba Kids, a Zumba game built from the ground up with youngsters in mind.

According to every other news report you see on TV these days, we Americans have ourselves what you might call an “overweight problem.” Whether you agree with that or not, I'm sure we could all stand to at least stay a little more active in our day to day lives, right? Especially the kids, who have so many distractions these days that keep them firmly rooted to the ground, sometimes they need to be reminded that their human bodies were specially designed to run and bounce around like maniacs.

Majesco today announced Zumba Kids, coming this holiday to Kinect for Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii, featuring dance moves, mini-games, music and more specifically tailored to the younger generation. Given how much kids seem to love the Zumba games anyway, this is one of those ideas that's a little shocking that nobody came up with it sooner. I mean, throw in some more simplistic, goofy moves, fill the soundtrack with Bieber and Willow Smith, and you might very well have an instant hit on your hands.

Made for kids aged seven to 12, Zumba Kids is designed to encourage children “to play and express themselves with routines and activities custom-designed for them,” reads a statement from Majesco. It goes on to talk about building self-confidence, discovering rhythm, flexibility, new dance styles and the like. And, just like any good news report, the publisher even throws in a statistic stating that 170 million children under the age of 18 are now estimated by the WHO Library Cataloguing-in-Publication data to be overweight.

Zumba Kids makes exercise fun and is a step in the right direction toward combating and preventing childhood obesity,” said Zumba Fitness co-founder Alberto Perlman. “With millions of children facing weight issues around the world, we are introducing a high-energy video game to the market that we hope will help decrease the global obesity epidemic and provide kids with a new opportunity to move and get fit.”

Majesco Chief Executive Officer Jesse Sutton agreed.

“Zumba's benefit-driven brand pillars are infused throughout their kid-focused specialty program that lends itself perfectly to a fun and differentiated interactive game,” Sutton said. “We will continue to explore new ways to expand our leading game franchise across demographics and platforms as we identify promising market opportunities.”

Along with all of the usual Zumba trimmings, Zumba Kids will offer “cool customization” options youngsters can appreciate, unlockable rewards and the ability to play two-player on the 360 and four-player on the Wii so the kids can get fit together.

Look for Zumba Kids this holiday season. If that's too long to wait for your kid to be introduced to new forms of exercise, I also hear playing outside, running, swimming, jumping rope and riding a bike are healthy substitutes for the time being.

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